COVID & CLOTHING – What to Consider for Safe Shopping as we Enter Phase 2

As we move forward more confidently toward greater social interaction and a reopening of public spaces as part of the BC Government's Restart Plan, we want to outline the precautions we are taking and layout some of the facts around COVID-19 as it pertains to clothes shopping. 


"We don’t believe shoes or clothing are a significant source of transmission,” Dr. Vincent Hsu, MPH, board-certified internal medicine, infectious diseases, and preventative medicine physician. According to Hsu, there have been no documented cases of transmission of the novel coronavirus via clothing and shoes at this point.


While we are all extra cautious when it comes to the surfaces we touch, clothing as it turns out, is not necessarily the greatest host for active virus particles. Given its porous fibres and lack of humidity, the surface of garments aerates quickly, and the virus is unable to survive. With the exception of high-exposure individuals, such as health care workers dealing directly with COVID patients, your street clothes are not a high risk of transmission for the virus.

While metal and plastic can provide a haven for the virus for up to 2-3 days, clothing is not considered a material conducive to its survival.”  - Dr. Kathleen Jordan, Infectious Disease Specialist.


IN-STORE OPERATIONAL UPDATE:  We will be sanitizing all high-touch surfaces between customers including doorknobs, fitting room handles, POS terminals, and cash desk. We will also be wiping hangers from previously tried on garments before placing them back on the floor.


While we welcome the public back into our space, those who are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms will not be admitted into the shop. Good hand hygiene and physical distancing are the key behaviours in reducing the spread of COVID in physical spaces.


“If you wash your hands and don’t touch your face, it is very unlikely you would get the virus from clothes.” – Dr. Lisa Barrett, Infectious Disease Specialist, Dalhousie University


IN-STORE OPERATIONAL UPDATE: We have hand sanitizer available for customers entering and exiting the shop to use during their visit. Disposable gloves and masks are encouraged for those looking to take extra precautions.


While information regarding the virus is constantly being updated by medical professionals, we are diligently adapting our in-store operations to ensure safety for ourselves and our community. We firmly believe that the hard-work we have collectively put in over the past two months was necessary for the lifting of restrictions we expect to see in the coming weeks. We thank you for your support during this difficult time, and we look forward to welcoming you back into our space safely and sincerely on May 19th.





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