Brand Spotlight: ELK Australia

 One of our favourite brands in the MODEN mix is the vibrant, bold, and unique Australian brand ELK. Their use of colour and playfulness with prints makes their designs instantly recognizable. Whether it is a streamlined staple piece like the A-line T-shirt or a stand-out statement design like the Cirkel Pant you are assured it will be a wardrobe favourite. Now let’s take a closer look at why shopping ELK makes you feel as good as you look.


Founded in 2004 in Melbourne Australia by husband and wife duo Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras, they have since grown the brand to be featured in 10 different countries worldwide. 

Their focus is function over fast-fashion, and their eco-friendly approach permeates everything from fabric content, manufacturing, to shipping and distribution. Their fierce commitment to refining the entire process is what makes us love investing in this brand. 

Did you know that ELK has a transparency report that they publish online? If you want to know more about their commitment to sustainable fashion find it here.

The pair’s focus on innovation is obvious and abundant in their design philosophy. Their collections are always pushing the boundaries of fit and feel, while consistently maintaining a level of ease that makes their pieces always effortless, never contrived. You’ll never find a closet full of ELK with nowhere to wear it. This stuff is what outfit goals are made of!

ELK Fenes Dress


Each collection from ELK always feels comprehensive, coherent, and consistent. We know and love the quality, look, and feel of each piece and we think you will too. Discover the Fall/Winter 2019 collection KIN available in store and online now. Some of our top pieces include:

Fenes Top

Sladd Jacket

Blok Earrings


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